MySpace FAIL


Myspace, Facebook and Twitter


I get asked from time to time for my Myspace and Facebook pages and figured might has well make use of them so we added links to the sidebar.  I don’t use Myspace all that much anymore cuz it sucks ass, lots of garbage, slow loading, etc.. I do update friend requests tho and check in from time to time..

I have a Ghetto Facebook Fan page and my regular personal page. Become a Fan on the Fan Page and I’ll add you as a friend to my personal page :)

You can even get our updates on Twitter now, OMG like Groovy! Surprisingly Twitter is almost fun. I kinda enjoy that it cuts through all the crap and just deals with status updates..   Did I mention I almost spoke with Ashton Kutcher the otherday? Here’s his twitter link

So, go ahead, click, add, probe, insert, update and all that junk and lets pass the Internet AIDS around!