I still like Britney Spears

Ok so I just wanted to test out this image gallery that should work now. I do still have a huge crush on Britney, it started when she went psycho and shaved her head, etc.. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.. I guess these pics on the beach are recent.. apparently that is her new boyfriend she is holding hands with.. pft

[cincopa 10734439]

He’s here, he’s queer..

Lance Bass

Yep, it’s true. Not only is Lance Bass from N’Sync a fag, but he came out first to, of all people, Britney Spears. Told her on the day she married her first husband (the marriage that lasted a minute).

Can you hear the conversation?

Britney: “What’s gay mean?”
Lance: “It means I like to suck dick.”
Britney: “Hey, I’m gay too!”

New Britney Spears Video