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I will update this page as time permits as the mail does pile up. Send us your comments, suggestions or any ole crap you feel like spouting off about. Send all fan mail to

Hello Woodie!

We were talking about these two songs and your kick ass radio station last night. I would love it if you played them for us now.

Greenskeepers – It rubs the lotion on its skin
Electric Sex – Gay bar

Have I told you lately that you rock? Wel…. YOU ROCK!!

~Kevin S

Hi guys… I love ghetto radio I listen to it all day at work – any time somebody is hanging around at my desk I crank it up until they leave… hahah! Thanks! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!


Hey, thanks ALOT for the stickers, bus card and the note. I really appreciate you doing that and right now in orange county, hundreds of people are seeing “” on my car and thinking.. WTF is a ghetto radio?

Hopefully some of them will check out the station. Thanks again for the letter!! Keep up the rock.
~Greg P


Back to back… You guys just made my Tuesday! Hear you next week!
~Patrick F

Thanks for the MIA song.
My co-worker’s “dancing” around the department now while it’s playing.
For the love of all that is holy, please make him stop.

I think you’re my fave.
I especially like the old commercials. Those are a hoot!
And the most excellent— Ahnold enticing you to “get down and boogie—– arghhh!”
That’s my One a Day vitamin.

I only just today saw your website, and the model falling over. Hilarious!

Good work— keep up the good show…


Got your stickers in the mail. Sweet! Passed them out to the office – I made it mandatory that it be placed on everyones vehicle.


Thank you and keep this station up it’s the BEST!

~Jade F

One of the guys i work with found your station last
week and ever since then everyone at work has been
listening to it. well done.


Thanks for playing my requests as always. I’ve been plugging you guys to friends as well. You’re the best! Keep up the good work!


I listen to ghetto radio every day while I am work…Love it!



Hats off to you guys for playing Turbonegro! One of my favorites! Kind of awestruck hearing it on here, not gonna lie. You guys gotta play more Finnish bands like Turbonegro, HIM, 69 Eyes, etc. Hearing ‘All My Friends are Dead’ put the biggest smile on my face. You guys are the best! Keep it up!
- Matt


Thanks bunch
Love yaaaaaaaaa

~Me and Sanchez
~Thirteenth Floor Graphics And Printing


I think the map with the location and photos of listeners and DJs is great…Very cool. Once again you all prove why you have the best station going. I posted some shots from Baghdad and one from the FL Keys. I will check later to see if they got on. Special hello to Mar…aka…Ghetto…looking forward to hearing your show.

Woodie when I was back I had one in your honor at Hooters.

Keep up the great work.

Oh I how I love thee. Theres several inches of wet heavy snow outside and I’m freezing in this cubicle. You are so good about playing my requests while I’m working.

You guys rock harder than a brick wall.


Dearest WesWoodie,

Just wanted to say hi to my favorite dj of all time!!!!!!
Thanks soooo much for playing my favorites, AFI, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie, Adam Ant, Motley Crue, etc!! and thank you again for making my birthday the best one yet!!!

xoxo your biggest fan,

~Aubrey in Utah!

#1 radio station on iTunes!

Hello Ghetto radio, long time listener, 1st time requester. I’m currently working Tokyo for 3 weeks (just started week 2) and not speaking any Japanese Ghetto Radio has kept me sane. Thanks


So I been cooped up doin the most tedious make work on me comp, it stinks. The only things makin it bearable are the great tunes you play man (person?)!! thanks! alot. Good job. Keep it up


Hey guy, love your show.
We must be about the same age. You have EVERYTHING! I started listening to your station at work in itunes, then started listening at home on weekends while surfing the net. Then one Sunday night, I came across your show, (dablakh0l’s Event Horizon) and have been hooked ever since. Keep up the great work, and here is my top 5 list of one-hit wonders for you. See if you have any of these gems.

Benny Mardones – Into the Night
Kyu Sakamoto – Sukiyaki
Kyper – Tic-Tac-Toe
Godfathers – Birth, School, Work, Death
SOHO – Hippychick

Most of these are from the 80′s 90′s, but the sukiyaki one is something my mom used to play when I was little. Thanks, and keep up the AWESOME show. You have a listener for life.

Rob M

Luther, Iowa

I listen to the station everyday to get me through the grind and once in a while a song will come on that makes me smile (especially 80s songs). Triggers all sorts of wacky 80s moments.



Thanks again! You put all our fm stations to shame here in Eugene Oregon.

Keep it up!

You guys rock out. This is the BEST station ever. Keep up the good work.

~Scott P

Hi Ghetto Guys,

I just gotta say that us Martians really dig your wicked awesome sounds. We stumbled on to you through itunes and it was lust at first listen…. you’re like some sort of sexual goodness in our ears but without the risk of infection….

We have given up sleeping, eating and trips to the bathroom just so we can sit in the office and cruise to the Ghetto beats… Consequently we hallucinate a lot and it smells none too fresh in here…

All our musical desires now pump out of the office stereo 24/7…. Since we started tuning in to Ghetto Radio we have burnt all our CD’s and music players… hell, my wife walked past wearing her mp3 player and I threw her on the bonfire as well. (That might not have been completely music related though).

It has caused a few problems with our workflow though…. a customer asked us to turn down the stereo last week. His body will never be found. Unfortunately we had not received the final payment for his design job so that sucks ass.

Mark has been getting so excited over your play lists that he is now forced to cover his office chain in plastic wrap to prevent moisture damage. The squelching sounds can be a little disconcerting and his squeals of pleasure whenever he hears REM is almost enough to drive me from the room – but that’s where the stereo is so I am forced to endure it.

I have have started head banging and now suffer from detached retinas which makes shopping for a new women at the clubs very interesting. Mark described the last one I brought home as “not entirely dissimilar in appearance an infected boil on a wildebeests backside”. I have since then burnt my mattress and bedding…. and the dining table… and the kitchen bench…. and my next door neighbors fish pond……

Apart from that its been a non stop roller coaster of sweet audio goodness.

Keep up the good work you freaking awesome bunch of super cool rocking music gods!


Tony & Mark
Martian Design Lab.
New Zealand
Arse End of the Planet.

We listen to Ghetto Radio all day at work … great programming!

Rock on – - -
Jeff A.

I listen to you guys all day at work. You make afternoon and midnight shifts go by a lot faster!
Keep it up!



love your program, our office listens to it nonstop every day. We are an architectural/construction office of 8, and you keep everyone happy (to the extent that one radio station can possibly satisfy all tastes).


First i heard Nirvana. Then i heard Slayer. I love this radio! I´m gonna listen this forever! I´m from Finland, by the way xD


I discovered your station on iTunes and greatly enjoy it. Wondering if you could play some Poison or Def Leppard sometime soon. Keep up the great work and I will mention your stations to others

~thanks Monty

First off … just want to say that I love the job you guys are doing there … I listened to a lot of radio stations on iTunes while I am here at work and always found something annoying about them but you guys do it all:

1) play great music
2) don’t run too many commercials
3) run classic commercials (awesome)
4) have a sense of humor
5) and don’t talk a lot


There’s so much love in your work. It’s easy to see that you love your work so much, otherwise why bother to broadcast the splendid snippents from 50s television, and cartoons, and the high-vibe lighthearted stuff you do? Pleeezeee get into an abundance frequency and use my snippet~!!!!!!!


You Are So Right On It Isn’t Even Funny

Long May You Run — Neil Young

Just gave you guys a $5 paypal pop. Thanks for playing “I Want Candy”. I am home sick from work, just switched from Windows to Linux and found you guys on streamtuner. Sounds awesome in XMMS. Just want you to know you’re appreciated.

This is the guy that requested Aha… thanks for playing it.. From Utica, NY.. lol

~Christopher M

Hi volks!

I hear your station via Winamp Shoutcast wire. I live in Egmating, which is near Munich (Bavaria, Germany). Just listened to Ratt, to Michael Jackson, to Nirwana and to Chuck Berry (‘You Never Can Tell’). And I got to say, that’s the best mix ever!!! :-)))

Thanx for all that great music!!!

Last night you played a great ! song wit lyrics about Tequila.I would be really glad to know the name of it so that I can get hold of the song myself.

Thanks for your great radioshows


Is there any song you DON’T have???????? You seem to play EVERYTHING that was ever recorded and played on the radio since Elvis (and probably before that too)! How is it possible that you can have EVERYTHING?????????????? I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! My ears are so happy! I HAVE died and gone to rock n’ roll heaven. You leave the others in the dust!

Hi Wes,

I manage recording artist Olivia Eden who is an original artist and singer songwriter.

Olivia’s debut album “Ordinary Girl” was listed on the 2007 Grammy Ballot nominations in 6 pop categories, which was a great achievement for a young singer songwriter and new artist. She has different musical styles on her debut album, from pop to alternative. I would love you to consider adding Olivia’s music to your artist playlist!
~Marilyn Campbell

i called ya but ya wasnt in i would like to know if ya could help me make a player like yours all i need is player and the play from external player part!!!! dont need connection!!!!!

I love the “steaple chase” trumpet at 4:15 ! Just wish it was an hour later because of the mountain time zone that I reside in. I also enjoy your selections. More R.A.T.M., Metallica, Snoop & Dre and less of Cher is always a better choice for those that live in a cage from 7-4:15 everyday ! You guys & gals are really what gets me through the day, well besides that other thing.

Hi Wes,
LOL… Could you have picked 2 more appropriate Alice songs to play for me???? I don’t think so! The second one was coincidentally brilliant – and you didn’t even know I was a woman yet when you started the second song! You must be psychic! LOL!!! YOU DO ROCK WES!!!!!!

I can’t believe…you play William Hung! I worked on his video for “She Bangs”. He is a very nice guy, but Geez, he shouldn’t quit his day job!

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