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Third Times A Charm?

Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau confirms that Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend, Rick Salomon, were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas, which means the couple can get married any time during this next year.

You would have to have been under a rock not to have seen at least bits of the Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tape. And, keeping in mind that Salomon was the man behind the camera of Paris Hilton’s bedroom romp, DeeDee Kupps eagerly awaits the coming (no pun intended) of what certainly must be a third in the series!

Did we mention?

Did I mention Pam Anderson is on the market again?

I’m sorry but Man o MAN would I love to suck those suckers. Do those things keep growing or what? Pam,├é┬ is it something in the water? Is it your split from Kid Scumbag. Whatever it is you make 40 look HOT!

Pam Anderson back on the Market..

It’s official! Pam Anderson and Kid Sleezeball are finally legally divorced. It was reported the final blow came when the two were privately├é┬ viewing Borat, (The movie Pamela played a bit-role in) when├é┬ Mr. Sleezeball jumped out of his seat and called her a $#%^ing Slut.. Well Kid,,. No shit, She’s Pam Anderson you dumbass. Was it her wholesome kind nature you were attracted to? Rumor is she has moved on from her fling with George Clooney so line up guys!