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82 minutes. In a row?


Jesus. I thought Paris had it easy. Seems that our favorite preggo anorexic got to finally do her time in jail for DUI. She was arrested on December 11, 2006, after her black Mercedes SUV was seen heading the wrong way on a Burbank freeway.

Originally sentenced to 96 hours in jail, her sentence was reduced to only 90 hours because of time served when she was arrested.

She never made it to her cell. In all, 82 minutes were served.

Holy shit. If that was me…

I’m not even gonna bother.

I guess privileges do come with money.

Sexy Bitch gets 3 years Probation

Paris Hilton pled no contest in a plea bargin downgrading her DUI to reckless driving. She can reduce that to 2 years probation if she performs 40 hours of community service work. Don’t expect her once BFF Nicole Richie to get off as easy. Although she has pled Not Guilty. She reportedly told Police when she was pulled over that she was High on Pot. She faces up to a year in Jail.. We will keep you posted.