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Van Halen back on tour

Van Halen returned to the Stage after more than five weeks after postponing their reunion tour due to frontman Eddie Van Halen’s ill health. Tho it was never quite reported what the Health issue was.. Tonight they set Stage in Las Vegas on Saturday (April 19th) at Tiger Jam XI, an annual fundraiser hosted by pro golf star Tiger Woods.

7 days till HALEN

Sept 27th kicks off The tour in Charlotte, North Carolina. Will David Lee Roth have the chops it will take? Will Wolfgang have a panic attack on stage? 7 more days… till the reviews start coming in!

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to be broadcast LIVE for the first time.

 Get your train wreck hats on, this could get interesting.

Will Eddie Van Halen show up on HOF night? Will David Lee Roth make a complete ass of himself? We’ll find out LIVE come march 12, This will be the first time for it to be broadcasted live. This year’s inductees are Van Halen, Patti Smith, the Ronettes, R.E.M. and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Check out all the info at the official HallofFame site at

Too many *&^%%$ on da blog


Can't we all just get along?
Today’s LA Times has covered the latest chapter in the Van Halen saga in some detail. David Lee Roth comments and plays it very diplomatically. But read this article – this (without saying so much) spells out the problem pretty clearly…more clearly than I felt comfortable to state earlier in the week.
So, read through and make your own minds up. This band most definitely has a problem and I hope for the sake of long suffering fans and those that care, things within the band are addressed and this anticipated tour can eventually take place.Â