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Let’s Hangout (Google Hangout)

So when I do interviews or callins on the station I generally use sykpe and/or google talk to call out or receive a call online but Google+ has this ‘Hangouts’ feature where you can have up to 10 people via video and audio. It’s pretty easy,  just get a account. Check it out and add WoodieWood and Lets Hangout!

Also hookup on Facebook

Add me to Twitter

I did a quick hangout test and it worked really well, I didn’t have the audio patched in for this test though but works well now. Anyhow, keep the requests coming.



Hello Tokyo

So I figured it was time to post again and get the ball rollin. So i posted these two hot chicks. These chicks are smoking, If you don’t think so you are prolly gay..

So yah..