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Ronnie James Dio and Mar (Photo from Mar Archives 2001)

On Sunday, May 16, 2010 we lost a hard rock/metal icon and an incredible vocalist.  Ronnie James Dio, 67, (formerly of  Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Heaven and Hell) died peacefully at 7:45am in a Los Angeles hospital from his battle with stomach cancer.  Dio may have been small in stature but he had one of the biggest musical voices on the planet.  He was a powerhouse and the ultimate frontman.  He was also a heck of a nice guy!  He will be dearly missed, but never forgotten. Dio’s tour manager and best friend Roger Summers told me: “All I can say is that in those 16 years that I have known Ronnie I never saw a person like him, humbled, nice and caring. He treated his entire crew like family. I just want to say that Ronnie and Wendy Dio changed my life in a positive way and showed me real friendship. Everybody who met Ronnie knows what I’m talking about. On Sunday a big part of my heart broke. He lives forever in our hearts.”

Let me tell you about Hair

Ever since I was in 8th grade, I have colored my hair. I’m also bad about blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair. All the chemicals, heat, and styling I put into my hair can amount to some pretty damaged hair, so I tend to splurge a bit on my haircare. I’m always looking for wonderful haircare products that can re-moisturize my hair and let’s face it, good, natural  hair products are hard to find. I’m happy I found Chaz Dean and the Wen Hair Care products. People that know me, know that when it comes to my hair, I don’t mess around and neither should you! Say goodbye to bad hair days :)