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On October 28th I attended Alice Cooper’s Theatre Of Death Tour at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. What a great show! Alice did not disappoint, as he opened the show with “School’s Out” and followed it with a bombardment of hit after hit. The entire show was a theatrical explosion of everything that reinforces Alice as the inventor of theatrical shock rock. There were new props; a giant syringe, a chamber of swords, a new guillotine and new gallows where Alice was put to death with each new prop, and he died, four times during the show. He gave us lots of musical tricks and threw treats to the audience. During Dirty Diamonds he threw beaded necklaces randomly into the crowd. He shook “Alice money” into the crowd during Billion Dollar Babies. The band was tight and kept us rocking until the very end of the show when, for the encore, Slash joined Alice on stage for a rocking rendition of “Schools Out”. Then class was dismissed with Alice hollering “Happy Halloween”. We all left the Nokia theatre as if we just got a “A” on our test – an “A” for ALICE!

Did I mention I am a (part time) professional Alice Cooper impersonator? Here I am on the left with my friend Kevin. We went to see Alice as Alice and Alice.


From left to right: Mar as Alice Cooper and Kevin as Alice Cooper

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