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Rihanna is a dumb hoe (but I’d still do her)

Just look at that beautiful Gun Tattoo she got. That just screams sexy and sophisticated. Some may be upset with me calling her a hoe but if you asked Chris Brown or the Urban Dictionary I’m right on target.

1.  dumb hoe

a hoe who gets out of line & needs to get smacked
Dumb hoe, wheres me money… pow… next time get me money bitch.


Dustin Diamond ‘Sued Over Unpaid Bills’


Former child star Dustin Diamond is facing legal action from an energy company after allegedly failing to pay his utility bills.

A lawsuit filed by We Energies indicates that the actor, who played nerd Screech Powers in the teen sitcom Saved By The Bell, has failed to pay an outstanding bill of $2,079 for amenities provided to his home in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Diamond, 32, has until April 15th to respond to the lawsuit, filed in Wisconsin’s Ozaukee County Circuit Court and obtained by the Journal Sentinel newspaper.

Two-Fer Tuesdays


That’s right! Every Tuesday is a 2fer Tuesday. We play 2 songs back to back from each artist for the entire day/night of Tuesday. That’s just 2 good reasons why you should be listening to the Ghetto Radio Network right now!

Hey check this out… Twitter


I just found this site that shows you a
way of getting 1000′s of new followers
on twitter, I just started using it
myself and its starting to work

Get Jiggy Wit It


Woot!! First day of Spring 2009

Ahhh thank God for spring!

Myspace, Facebook and Twitter


I get asked from time to time for my Myspace and Facebook pages and figured might has well make use of them so we added links to the sidebar.  I don’t use Myspace all that much anymore cuz it sucks ass, lots of garbage, slow loading, etc.. I do update friend requests tho and check in from time to time..

I have a Ghetto Facebook Fan page and my regular personal page. Become a Fan on the Fan Page and I’ll add you as a friend to my personal page :)

You can even get our updates on Twitter now, OMG like Groovy! Surprisingly Twitter is almost fun. I kinda enjoy that it cuts through all the crap and just deals with status updates..   Did I mention I almost spoke with Ashton Kutcher the otherday? Here’s his twitter link

So, go ahead, click, add, probe, insert, update and all that junk and lets pass the Internet AIDS around!

Michael Jackson’s 50 concerts SOLD OUT!


Michael Jackson’s 50 concerts sell out in five hours!!!


LONDON (AP) — Tickets for Michael Jackson’s 50 London concerts sold out within hours of becoming available, organizers said Friday.  The shows are scheduled to kick off in July and stretch into February. The pop singer has said the series, entitled “This is It,” will be his last in the British capital.

Tickets were priced between 50 pounds and 75 pounds ($70 and $105) — but some were went for hundreds of pounds (dollars) on internet auction sites.

UPDATE:  Prices on ebay have been as high as $7,500 for a pair of tickets.


Anniversary Announcement Fail


Michael Jackson Passes Medical Tests, Will Announce New Concerts…


Michael Jackson has passed the required medical tests so he can perform this summer in London.

Jackson has no looming diseases or any other physical ailments that would prevent him from getting insurance or making his commitment to AEG Live for 10-30 shows this year. He received a clean bill of at least physical health.

Michael Jackson may announce shows as soon as this Thursday.