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Fluff ‘em up fellas, she’s single again.

That’s right, you read it. Kate Hudson has broken off her… uh… “arrangement” with Dax Shephard. (WHO??) She said she was bored.

I bet he wasn’t.

Kate Hudson

Gratuitous bikini picture

Anna Kournikova has quit showing her camel toe on the tennis courts, and has taken to showing it near the pool.

All I can say is wooooot!

Anna Kournikova

He’s here, he’s queer..

Lance Bass

Yep, it’s true. Not only is Lance Bass from N’Sync a fag, but he came out first to, of all people, Britney Spears. Told her on the day she married her first husband (the marriage that lasted a minute).

Can you hear the conversation?

Britney: “What’s gay mean?”
Lance: “It means I like to suck dick.”
Britney: “Hey, I’m gay too!”