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Batteries… at the Waffle House?

Oh, sorry, that’s battery.

Kid Rock Mugshot

Wednesday, Kid Rock’s album “Rock N Roll Jesus” hit number 1 on the charts. Sunday, he & his entourage were arrested and charged with battery for fighting with a man at The Waffle House in Atlanta. The Kid got to spend the night in the can & everything.

At least the dude only got an ass kickin. He could have been “smothered & scattered”.

Fluff ‘em up fellas, she’s single again.

That’s right, you read it. Kate Hudson has broken off her… uh… “arrangement” with Dax Shephard. (WHO??) She said she was bored.

I bet he wasn’t.

Kate Hudson

Gratuitous bikini picture

Anna Kournikova has quit showing her camel toe on the tennis courts, and has taken to showing it near the pool.

All I can say is wooooot!

Anna Kournikova

He’s here, he’s queer..

Lance Bass

Yep, it’s true. Not only is Lance Bass from N’Sync a fag, but he came out first to, of all people, Britney Spears. Told her on the day she married her first husband (the marriage that lasted a minute).

Can you hear the conversation?

Britney: “What’s gay mean?”
Lance: “It means I like to suck dick.”
Britney: “Hey, I’m gay too!”

Fairplay vs. Bonaduce

OK, here’s what happened – Danny Bonaduce told Johnny Fairplay the audience hated him. Johnny jumped up on Bonaduce and humped him. Bonaduce throws Fairplay over his head, whereby Fairplay gets up and walks off stage into a nearby ambulance.

1) Fairplay & Bonaduce in original “skirmish”.

2) Fairplay gets an ambulance ride.

3) Fairplay in an interview.

4) Bonaduce in an interview

Sounds (and looks) to me that Fairplay is great at dishing, but can’t man up when he fucks up.

New Britney Spears Video

Listeners Love Britney Spears

Some listeners can’t get enough of Britney Spears’ new single “Gimme More”. Take Ken from Ohio, he says every time we play her new single he can’t help but dance in his room.

That’s great Ken.

Third Times A Charm?

Pam Anderson & Rick Salomon

The Clark County Marriage License Bureau confirms that Pamela Anderson and her boyfriend, Rick Salomon, were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas, which means the couple can get married any time during this next year.

You would have to have been under a rock not to have seen at least bits of the Pam Anderson & Tommy Lee sex tape. And, keeping in mind that Salomon was the man behind the camera of Paris Hilton’s bedroom romp, DeeDee Kupps eagerly awaits the coming (no pun intended) of what certainly must be a third in the series!