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Paris Spreads Her ……. Wings

Paris Hilton

It’s a short flight from Jail Bird to Song Bird.

Paris is anxious to celebrate her new found freedom with the release of a new album.

“I’m already working on my new record”, says Paris.

No word yet on the album’s content, but one might suggest a cover of The Offspring – When You’re In Prison.

Paris takes voice lessons several times a week, and of all her "projects", her music is the most important to her.

Hmmm. Seems Paris really wants this album to do better than the last one. DeeDee’s pretty sure that’s not tooooooo much of a reach!

Yes, Ms. Spears, We Are Running On Schedule …

Britney in Hot Tub

Let’s take a quick inventory, shall we?

Recent Rehab "Grad" in clever hat/sunglass disguise? … Check!

Drink in hand? … Check!

Publicity hungry 26-year-old actor wannabe hottie? … Check!

Cameras & Paparazzi Ready? … Check!

Simulated Sex in Hot Tub? … Check!

Collapse into total melt-down in bathroom by 4 a.m.? … Check!