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Jimmy Buffet sells out in 2 minutes

Got Tickets?

Chances are you don’t, even if you were 3rd in line to buy tickets. That’s what happened to a large group of people waiting to get tickets on sale monday. My friend however was lucky enough to be 2nd in line and the last one to get tickets before they closed the window. It isn’t too late to join the parrot party at Alpine Valley this year tho. You can still get over priced Jimmy Buffet tickets on Ebay!

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Word on the street

Word on the street is that ole Kfed is in Britney’s corner. This comes after reports that he was trying to get full custody of the kids and wanted nothing to do with her. Is it possible that Kevin still loves his crotch flashing, bald shaving, wrist tattooin freak of a wife? HELL NO. You can bet ole sleezeball has Dollar Signs in his eyes. He’s milking this for all it’s worth. (ya almost have to give him some credit) but we wont..

Yay! For Whopper Wednesdays!

It’s another Whopper Wednesday at burger king here in Rockford Land. Every wednesday I treat myself to a triple whopper. Yep you read that right, 1230 cals of pure lovin. I challenge you to join in with me. Sometimes you can even catch me on the air munchin on one at lunch. Then if that wasn’t enough of a celebration we head out to our local HOOTers and hang out with all the hotties.. Woooooooot, Yay for Wednesdays!