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Did we mention?

Did I mention Pam Anderson is on the market again?

I’m sorry but Man o MAN would I love to suck those suckers. Do those things keep growing or what? Pam,テつ is it something in the water? Is it your split from Kid Scumbag. Whatever it is you make 40 look HOT!

Update: Michael Jackson + Janet + Jackson 5

Check out ole Mikey in his pre-pedo days

After reports that negotiations for a Vegas comeback have fell through, テつ it is beingテつ rumored that the Gloved one will rejoin his brothers and tour the country.テつ Sources say you can expect Janet to tour as well byテつ performing duets with Michael.テつ Below is a picture of MJ as he accepts his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction award in 1997.


Jack Nicholson pulls a Britney

So if you saw the Oscars last night you saw a bald Jack Nicholson looking like a male version of Britney Spears. Not to worry tho, Jack didn’t lose his mind like the 25 year old crotch flasher. Turns out this new look is for a movie project he is currently working on called “The Bucket List,” a buddy comedy/drama about two terminally ill men who flee a cancer ward to complete a list of things they want to do before they die.