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Sexy Bitch gets 3 years Probation

Paris Hilton pled no contest in a plea bargin downgrading her DUI to reckless driving. She can reduce that to 2 years probation if she performs 40 hours of community service work. Don’t expect her once BFF Nicole Richie to get off as easy. Although she has pled Not Guilty.├é┬ She reportedly told Police when she was pulled over that she was High on Pot. She faces up to a year in Jail.. We will keep you posted.

Pam Anderson back on the Market..

It’s official! Pam Anderson and Kid Sleezeball are finally legally divorced. It was reported the final blow came when the two were privately├é┬ viewing Borat, (The movie Pamela played a bit-role in) when├é┬ Mr. Sleezeball jumped out of his seat and called her a $#%^ing Slut.. Well Kid,,. No shit, She’s Pam Anderson you dumbass. Was it her wholesome kind nature you were attracted to? Rumor is she has moved on from her fling with George Clooney so line up guys!