Amy Winehouse (R.I.P)

Amy Winehouse – Valerie (Live from Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday Celebrations) performed at the 46664 Hyde Park concert.


Casey safe for another week! American Idol

Casey Abrams made it through another week of eliminations after almost being voted off the show a couple weeks ago, only to be saved by the Judges.

Who is your favorite? Is it Scotty McCreeny, Lauren Alaina? Just WHO will be the next American Idol?

Thirsty Thursday

With the weather getting slowly warmer and the next few days of rain on the way, let’s celebrate Thirsty Thursdays..

[cincopa AQPAeh6dl_bn]

GAME BOY MUSIC (but not the kind you’re thinking of)

Paris Hilton (That is not my coke)

Paris Hilton is facing a felony charge for her arrest on suspicion of cocaine possession, according to the police report about the Friday night incident in Las Vegas.

Hilton was escorted to the Wynn security office bathroom, the report said, and when she went for lip balm in her purse, a bindle that was determined to contain 0.8 gram of cocaine fell out.”

but not to worry! Paris Hilton is pulling out the “beetlejuice” defense.
[cincopa 10734468]

I still like Britney Spears

Ok so I just wanted to test out this image gallery that should work now. I do still have a huge crush on Britney, it started when she went psycho and shaved her head, etc.. I’ve been a huge fan ever since.. I guess these pics on the beach are recent.. apparently that is her new boyfriend she is holding hands with.. pft

[cincopa 10734439]

BLAGO WATCH – Verdict Expected SOON?

On their 14th day of deliberations, the six-man, six woman jury in the federal corruption trial of former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has indicated that they may reach a verdict this week, but that they may be hung on at least some of the counts.

MP3 Of The Week

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Katy Perry has nice ringtones

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